A Dog Welcomes His Owner Home with a Desire to Play with a Toy!!!

source: YouTube
This dog is a Minase Shiba breed and is named “BECK”. When his owner returns home every day, “BECK” will greet him at the entrance of the family holding a stuffed toy in his mouth! This ritual happens each and every day with this adorable dog wanting to play with his owner and running after and picking up the stuffed toy! This delightful behavior of this lovely canine is captured on video to see and enjoy!

“BECK” just loves this bean bag stuffed toy!

When his owner returns home, this dog immediately searches for this stuffed toy!
source: YouTube

Welcome Home! “BECK” is at the front entrance holding his stuffed toy!
source: YouTube

“Yes, Let’s play please!”.
source: YouTube

“Yes, I want you to throw the toy so I can go and pick it up!”
source: YouTube

“BECK” wants to do this every time after the owner returns home!

“BECK” comes back with a stuffed animal as soon as his owner enters the home! How adorable!

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“BECK” is so cute! I wonder if I could play with my dog like that every day!

source: youtube