The Timeless Beauty of Actress and UNICEF Ambassador “Audrey Hepburn” is Forever!!!


She is still considered one of the most beautiful women in the world and a movie icon whose name is “Audrey Hepburn.” After retiring as an actress, she went on to be a UNICEF goodwill ambassador until her death. Here are some of her most famous words which remain timeless like her beauty!

What is most important than is,

Enjoying life

Feeling happy

That’s all.


What is a more precious presence in the world than the smiles and laughter of children?

A happy child is God smiling.


There are not so many chances in life.

If you have a chance to make a difference.

Take that chance.


For attractive lips.

It comes from speaking kind words.

For an adorable pupil.

To discover the beauty of people.


A successful birthday comes and goes.

Even long-awaited birthdays cannot be delayed.

You will not change anything.


My greatest desire is,

instead of returning to being a so-called career woman,

I want to build a new career.


If I was a swaggering man,

Full of confidence and full of doubt.

I would still be searching for myself.


If you get married,

Then you should want to get married to the hilt.


As one of the tools

Analyze yourself.

You must be 100 percent frank to yourself.

Without trying to hide the shortcomings

We should always face ourselves from the front.


For the sake of having a beautiful body,

Never knowing that you could end up walking alone.


When you are before your death,

You must look back on your life with a miserable honesty.

If you only remember the unpleasant events and opportunities missed

I think that would be a very unhappy way to go.

What did you think?

These are the timeless and beautiful words of Audrey Hepburn.