Watch a Dalmatian Dog Totally Disrupt His Owner’s Exercise Session!!!

source: facebook
Here is a beautiful woman who wants to do some fitness training exercises on the living room floor of her home but her pet Dalmatian dog has such a strong desire for attention that the dog spends several minutes interfering with her exercises that was captured on video and then later posted online where it quickly became a huge global hit! Please enjoy the images and video of this delightful dog and her disruptive displays to get his owner’s attention!

▼ This dog has so many creative ways to bother and distract his owner!
source: facebook
It is just standing across a beautiful woman.

This popular video has been viewed over 7 million times in just over 1 week and has been shared over 60,000 times!

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Online viewers everywhere were completely captivated by the adorable Dalmatian dog! The pooch’s desire for attention is simply delightful that it became a hugely popular video online all over the world!

source: facebook