A Boy Can’t Remove a Dinosaur Head and Goes to the Fire Department!!!

source: YouTube
15-year-old “Darby Risner” lives in the state of Alabama in the United States USA was recently playing with a dinosaur costume to surprise his friends. However, after putting on the dinosaur head, it became stuck and the teenage boy was unable to take it off! After several attempts to remove, the embarrassed boy had to visit the local fire department to have it removed!

This attempted practical joke totally backfired on Darby and he had to deal with the laughter and jibes of his friends before finally getting the dinosaur removed! Please enjoy the hilarious images shown below!

▼ Everyone gets into the car and goes to the fire department!
source: teenvogue.com
All of friends other than “Darby” have absolutely enjoyed this situation!

▼ They arrived at the fire department and explained the situation to the officer on duty which elicited huge laughter!
source: washingtonpost.com

▼ Many onlookers enjoy a smile and a laugh at Darby’s expense!
source: washingtonpost.com

“Darby” is starting to panic as his friends try to control their laughter at their friend’s unfortunate situation

▼ The dinosaur head need to be cut in order to have it removed from Darby’s head!
source: washingtonpost.com
It took almost 45 minutes to remove the dinosaur head with scissors and pliers!

“Darby Risner’s” friends posted this whole story on various social media networks and he became an instant celebrity and was also interviewed by local and national newspapers and television stations!

What did you think?

No one serious hurt in this situaton but one should be careful when trying on strange costumes at any time!

As a result, “Darby Risner” chan became famous and an online celebrity which to have softened the blow of this embarrassing situation!

source: youtube / dailymail.co.uk / washingtonpost.com/ teenvogue.com