See 8 Adorable Examples of Various Owner’s Cats Mischievous Behavior!!!


Cats are extremely curious creatures and there are times when their mischievous personalities are captured in photos by their owners! Here are eight delightful examples of feline mischief that was posted on the social media network (SNS) of Twitter for your viewing pleasure!

1. Is this a piece of bread or a clock on the wall?

source: Twitter

This cat really wants to eat this slice of bread! Too bad it’s a clock on the wall!

2. Criminal Cat Behavior!

source: Twitter

This owner has caught his pet in a criminal act!

3. Why does this cat want these gloves in the bathtub?

source: Twitter
source: Twitter

source: Twitter

Does this kitty want to wear these wet gloves?

4. Shoji Assassin!

source: Twitter

This cat has completely destroyed this “shoji” sliding door!

5. Sausage Thief.

source: Twitter

This cat could not resist the delicious boiled sausage!

6. This is not a toy!

source: Twitter

This is brilliant skill by this flying feline!

7. A cat-propelled sandal.

Introducing the carpet shark

source: imgur

Wow! What is this crazy cat doing?

8. Be careful not to drop these things!

oh you mean this?

source: imgur

Watch this adorable cat drop several items on purpose!

What did you think?

Owners love their mischievous and fun-loving cats all over the world!

source: Twitter / imgur