A Truck Accident Reinforces a Timeless Expression about “Shortcuts and Success”!!!

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On the side of large truck container is is a timeless expression “On the road to success, there are no shortcuts”. It is truly a prophetic statement as the truck becomes involved in a traffic accident! This incident and related story became a very popular topic with online viewers worldwide!

There are no shortcuts to success.

These words of wisdom have timeless value as it is well known that to achieve success one must proceed in a steady path of one step at a time toward the destination of your dreams.

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So, this timeless message was recently found on the side of this truck container as shown in the photo. It is a thoughtful promotion of a business and would certainly captured the attention of many people.

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Unfortunately, this truck and driver failed to follow this message and proceed to attempt a shortcut on a highway with a clear height restriction and crashed into the extension!
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So the message on the side of this container really did come to pass and the photograph of the wrecked truck brings to ones mind another thoughtful expression of “a picture is worth a thousand words!”. Truly, “On The Road To Success, There Are No Shortcuts”. Please be truly careful and keep this message firmly in your mind!

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