A Secret Camera Reveals the Culprit Trying to Hack a PC Desktop!!!

source: www.ashinari.com

When a series of attempted break ins occurred to a number of PC Computers at a local company recently, a plan was hatched to set up a secret camera to photograph the mysterious culprit in the act! The camera was set up to activate if there were three unsuccessful attempts to input a password on a computer in the office.Eventually, the plan succeeded in revealing the identity of the perpetrator but no one expected that the technology thief had almost succeeded in executing the “puurfect” crime!This revelation was posted on an overseas bulletin board service and quickly became one of the most popular topics of discussion with people everywhere!

A secret photograph from a secret camera and transferred instantly to a smartphone!

The secret camera was set up in such a way that if someone attempted to enter an incorrect password three times, the camera would be activated and take a photo which would then be sent the user’s smartphone. It was believed that the culprit would be looking directly into the PC screen and his face would be recognized!

source: www.ashinari.com

The camera was activated and the photograph was transferred to the smartphone revealing……..?

Everything went according to plan, the camera was activated and took a photo which was immediately sent the user’s smartphone. Who was the mysterious technology thief?

It was a cat criminal!
source: imgur.com

It seems that this domestic cat had been inadvertently been pawing various keyboards of the desktop PC’s in the office and had actually managed to unsuccessfully attempt to enter a password three times!

Although this perceived PC security threat was no more than a false alarm this time, it was a stunning discovery that a cat had the skill and technique to actually enter a password on a PC keyboard!

This is one skillful and intelligent feline who may have a bright future as a computer hacker!

source: imgur.com