A Man Uses Twitter Posts to Make the Wishes and Requests of People Come True!!!

source: Twitter

This has been a popular topic of online discussion among viewers for quite a while as this man attempts to use the power of online technology to grant the wishes and requests of people via Twitter! JamesFridman(@fjamie013)

Jamie Fridman uses photographic images modified by Adobe Photoshop to achieve the requests of people asking him to modify or enhance their images! Some of these changes are quite humorous and funny and is guaranteed to make you laugh!

James’s Tweets Provide Answers to the Wishes of People.

The tweets come from people everywhere and their requests are usually unique and unusual and Jamie’s skill with Photoshop ensures a high quality image that is done in a very short period of time! Here are some of these requests and Jamie’s magical photo enhancements!


1. Request that a dirty mirror is a concern.

source: Twitter

Jamie was able to use Photoshop here as a way to clean up the dirty mirror!


2. Request of too many people are in the background of this photo.

source: Twitter

Jamie could totally remove all human distractions with the power of Photoshop.


3. Request of a woman who wanted to be in space.

source: Twitter

Jamies created her image on the space bar of PC notebook thus granting her wish!


4. Request of a person who wanted to be relocated on the “Titanic”.

source: Twitter

Jamie used photoshop and transported the person to a cafe named “Titanic”.


5. Request to be sitting together with a beautiful woman.

source: Twitter

Jamie’s photoshop skills magically adds the photo of a beautiful woman in the chair next to the man. It is quite comical but delightful!


6. Request that this person wanted to be in the same photo as an oncoming train.

source: Twitter

Certainly! it’s an oncoming train moving at high speed!


7. Request to Remove a Mobile Phone From a Person’s Hand.

source: Twitter

Jamie produces a surprizing effect! “No mobile phone means no selfie photo which means no person! Is this person happy with this result?

8. Request to Fly High in the Sky.

source: Twitter

This person is rapidly rising out of the photo!


9. There are 13 differences added into this photo by Jamie! Could you identify them?

source: Twitter

According to Jamie, there are 13 differences in the modified photo. Could you find them?


10. Request to Look Thinner?

source: Twitter

Jamie has not modified this photograph and this is the original. Do you think he should alter it with Photoshop?

You should be proud of who you are and how you look! If you are happy as a person, why change your image?

Jamie’s image processing technology skills are very impressive and his timely tweets have satisfied a lot of people who have made some unique photo altering requests! His sense of humor is also a delight!

If you have a photo request that needs altering, why don’t you try Jamie’s unique service?

*Jamie states that he will not enhance any photos that has not been requested by the person and those photos will only be published only after receiving consent from the owner of the photos.

source: Twitter