A Signboard with a Strange Message Attempts to Prevent Dangerous Driving Behavior!!!

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“TEXT AND DRIVE”! (sponsored by a funeral home?) A large signboard with a strange and confusing message that encourages a dangerous driving activity was actually a clever strategy to highlight a growing number of traffic accidents caused by smartphone operation while driving so this controversial signboard became a huge topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere!

Traffic accidents caused by smartphone operations while driving is said to be increasing year by year in many countries all over the world and there are many public service announcements calling for “smartphone use prohibition during operation” therefore it was surprising to promote the use of the smartphone.

Advertisers used a fictional “funeral home” and website reference in this signboard message!

that are often posted on the side of many highways throughout Canada., Advertisers say that funeral home reference communicates a negative and dark image designed to influence drivers behavior with smartphones.It is quite black setting and expression technique …. In addition, it also provides a fictional funeral website (below).

source: wathanfuneral.com

In Canada, the number of auto accidents and deaths caused by driver carelessness in the last 3 years has dramatically increased and smartphone usage has accounted for more than half of these!for three consecutive years (2013 to 2015) is higher than that of drunk driving, care more than half in the smartphone and mobile phones it is an accident that happened in the middle that had been taken. In other words, careless smartphone operation by both drivers and pedestrians are becoming a major cause of traffic accidents.

A Montreal advertising agency designed this campaign to discourage improper smartphone operation while driving a vehicle!

This signboard advertising could be very effective to encourage safer driving techniques!

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