See a Banana Transformed into a Dancing Dolphin and Festive Fruit Creations!!

source: twitter
Please look at this delightful dancing dolphin! It’s hard to believe but this graceful dolphin can be made easily with an ordinary banana! This Banana Dolphin is a decorative centerpiece for a series of delicious fruit desserts whose images were posted on Twitter recently!

A Big Topic on Twitter!

A Twitter user in New York City TrinityNYC @TrinityNYC introduced this topic and there was a terrific response from online viewers everywhere!

This “banana dolphin” is “TrinityNYC @TrinityNYC this Twitter user’s creation!

This “banana dolphin” usually receives a warm and enthusiastic reaction from both adults and kids!
So many online viewers looked at this!

A combination of cuteness and convenience, “The Banana Dolphin” should be tried by everyone who has children since they absolutely love it!

source: twitter