Watch a Fantastic Prank in NYC as an Impersonator of Barak Obama Fools Everyone!!!


What would you do if you were certain that the President of the United States was in your vicinity? The comedian named Louis Ortiz decided to pull a hilarious deception on the people of New York City (NYC) by having an impersonator of President Barak Obama appear on the streets of the city and fool the people that they were actually seeing the real President! It was an amazing prank in that even the police department was fooled!

Here is a photo of the impersonator and look-alike of Barak Obama standing in the center of other actors pretending to be secret service agents. The comedian named Louis Ortiz is standing next to the impersonator.

The crowd is enthusiastically shouting “USA! USA!”

This woman takes a smartphone photo of the fake president!

Here is the fake Obama waving to the crowd!

The president announces to the policeman that “I just want to go to Disney Store”.

This man is completely fooled as he poses for a photo together with the Obama impersonator!

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