Watch This Video of an Experiment to Discover the “Dominant Paw” of a Pair of Cats!!!

source: YouTube

Here are two adorable cats named “Maru and Hana” who participated in an experiment to determine which paw is dominant in their behavior! This video has become a hot topic of discussion with many online viewers in many countries!

“Maru” has been seen on YouTube more than 200 million times making this feline the most popular kitty online! “Hana” is also an adorable feline and they will tested to see which paw do they naturally favor in this experiment.

The experimental methodology is very simple. A single cat snack is placed in a glass and the cats are observed to see which paw they will use to try to remove the snack!
source: YouTube

“Hana” immediately attempted to obtain the snack with his left paw!
source: YouTube

“Maru” initially tries to use his face to obtain the snack! What a silly cat!
source; YouTube

The silly cat continues to try to snatch the snack with his face but is unsuccessful in obtaining the snack using this forceful technique!
source: YouTube

Now, “Maru” tries to get the snack and uses her right paw but is unsuccessful again!
source: YouTube

Once again, “Maru” tries again with her face! Will she ever learn that this will never work!
source: YouTube

Then, the cat makes another attempt with her right paw again!
source: YouTube

The results of the experiment clearly shows that these two cats have a dominant paw just like a human!
source: YouTube

The results of the experiment indicate that “Maru” is probably right-paw dominant while “Hana” is left-paw dominant! It proved to be a successful experiment!

This cute cats and their attempts to remove the snack from the glass is a delight to watch! The official website link features many cute photos.

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source: YouTube