See The World’s Most Beautiful Horse with a Gorgeous Jet-Black Mane from the USA!!!

source: YouTube
Here are some amazing images of one of the world’s most “beautiful horses” that lives and breeds in the United States. This majestic horse is named “Frederick” and is called “Frederick The Braid” for its long and flowing hair as shown in these sumptuous images!

Frederick is a Friesian Horse.

Frederick is a beautiful “Friesian Horse” and has as unusually long and gorgeous mane that has garnered the interest of people from all over the world. Here is Frederick’s Facebook Page and more than 3 million people have viewed the images of this truly magnificent animal!
source: YouTube

source: YouTube

source: YouTube

source: YouTube

This animal is so beautiful and one can feel the beauty and power of the horse’s movements in these images!

See Video Here

The majestic horse with the flowing mane looks like a divine creature and attracts the attention and awe of people everywhere!

source: / youtube / facebook

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