A Beautiful Painting with a Diameter of 5 cm is Inspirational and Amazing!!!

source: dinabrodsky.com/
The Belarus-born artist Dina Blocky, who has been active in New York recently has created a miniature painting drawn on a small canvas with a diameter of only 5 cm. This is a delicate and beautiful work of art and created a lot of attention on the internet!

This is very popular on her Instagram account!

From a small window, there is a road into another world which was created by the artist. It takes an incredible talent of the precise combination of oil painting on a small canvas is such a challenge! 
photo7rsource: fusion.net

photo2rsource: fusion.net

When I arranged it seems that each window leads to a totally different and unique world!
photo4rsource: fusion.net

I was so impressed with the precision of a small oil painting by this artist. A magnificent work of art!

source: fusion.net / instagram / ​​dinabrodsky.com