The World’s First Automatic Home Cooking Robot is a Miracle Machine for Housewives?!?

Housewives!! The future has arrived! A Robot that cooks delicious dishes is now available!

A London company called Moley Robotics, Inc. has developed this robot that replace the traditional kitchen and re-position the materials and cookware so that the Robot will be able to create cuisine at a chefs level of expertise at the flick of a button.fd300002r

The movements of the robot arm is designed to mimic the movements of the top chefs when following various recipes and creating various cuisine. The user can select which dish by entering a request as shown in the photo below. In this case, a request to make “bisque of crab” has been entered.

The cooking movies can seen here.

See Video Here

Moley Robotics, Inc., the creator of the robot and the sink-range oven plans start selling to the general public sale within two years. The estimated price is slated to be £10 000 (about 1.8 million yen). What do you think? Do you want a cooking robot in your home?

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