Watch an Robotic Shopping Goods Transporter Using Ultrasonic Sensors and GPS!!!

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“Is this the way of shopping goods transportation in the future?”

Here is an automatic transportation robot that can carry your shopping purchases directly to your home! The name of the robot is the “Gita” and has been developed by Piaggio Fast Forward which is a subsidiary of the Piaggio Group which is famous all around the world for producing “Vespa” motor scooters for the past 50 years!

This robotic transporter has a stylish design just like the “Vespa” scooter!
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It can be used for shopping or for transporting your luggage and can carry weight up to 18 kg!
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The “Gita” has a light so it can operate in dimly lit areas!
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The “Gita” can be attached to the user by a belt or can run independently. This device uses smart technology as it able to collect and accumulate the surrounding three-dimensional (3D) data while moving providing the transporter with autonomous driving capabilities.

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The “Gita” can detect obstacles by ultrasonic sensors.

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What do you think?

Will people be using devices like the “Gita” to transport their goods everywhere and anywhere?

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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