1,700 New Zealand Students Perform Ceremonial Dance in Memorial of a Former Teacher!!!

Dawson Tamatia a popular teacher of “Palmerston North High School in New Zealand since 1986, died on July 20. About 1,700 students attended the funeral of their teacher and performed a soulful and heartfelt “Haka” dance as a memorial to him. This story generated a lot of buzz online from many viewers.

The “Haka” is…

Originally performed before Maori warriors went into battle, it is a dance to intimidate your opponent through the power of chanting, stamping the feet and hands along with extreme facial expressions. Nowadays, it is a ceremonial dance to welcome visitors from overseas and an opening tradition for the New Zealand national rugby union team (All Blacks) performed before before international matches. In English, it is called the”Walk Rye (War Cry, cry of struggle)”, or the “Toki battle cry” in Japanese.

source: Wikipedia
Many people are only familiar with the “Haka” because of the New Zealand National Rugby Union Team?

The “Haka” is a common folk dance in New Zealand, from the fact that it is showcased as a dance that represents the meaning of respect and appreciation for the other party, at a wedding, a funeral, a graduation ceremony, an opening ceremony, such as the welcome ceremony. Sometimes dancing the “Haka” at a funeral was a type of memorial service for the spirit of the dead and the dance represents the condolences of those who attended.

Source: Wikipedia
it is often likely to be danced in a variety of ceremonies in modern New Zealand.

Here is the Hearse funeral car coming to the school of the former teacher prior to the ceremony.

At the funeral ceremony, the students dance the “Haka” in a soulful voicefd300003r

The “Haka” is a ceremonial way of saying farewell to the deceased person and is a gesture of respect and love for the former teacher! The Powerful “Haka” in the video is a masterpiece!!

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This is a wonderful expression of love and respect for this teacher who made an impact on a lot of student’s lives!

source: www.tvnz.co.nz
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