Watching Scary Videos or Horror Movies Can Actually Help You Burn Calories and Lose Weight!!!


In Japan, people love watching horror movies during the hot and humid summer months? However, what if you watched a scary movie and lost weight at the same time? Here is a horror movie that actually allows you to burn calories just by watching! It’s called a “Calorie Movie”.


Here is the explanation on how a “calorie movie” actually works.

If you watch a scary video, the viewers heart rate and shallow breathing will increase from the fear. A lot of carbon dioxide is discharged by screaming as well as by the state of fear and surprise and from the constant state of tension in the body. These factors supports the hypothesis that consuming calories can be achieved through the viewing of scary or horror based movie or video content.


Here is a unique horror movie, it is written with the viewing attention to highly focused so that it encourages the burning of calories. Preparing people for fear before the movie starts will help to make it more effective. source:

See the Horror “Calorie Movie” Clip Here

source: YouTube

Video Stories

On the trip, two pairs of sister visited a country inn. Designed to be a fun trip, they will both be caught up in one strange phenomenon after another!

It is an eerie dark video. 


Yikes! You jump out of your clothes if you see this the middle of the night!


How Many Calories Do You Think You Burned While Watching the Movie?

How was it? Could you watch it until the end? Or did you quit in the middle of it because it was scary? At any rate, the average calorie consumption calculated from the 12 members of men and women are displayed in real time on the screen. Actually, a key feature of the “calorie movie” is the calorie consumption is displayed on the screen regardless of how of the movie you have actually watched.

Last Scene Calories D isplay is Reflected



By the way, if those who saw to the end, we end with it might you can see 21410cal.
By the way, this was changed from cal to kcal (kcal) or 1kcal = 1000cal. So, calories are consumed by looking at this video you will say that about 21kcal.

How much Energy is Released from of 21kcal?


To put 21kcal of watching this video in about 10 minutes in perspective, here some other activities that consume a similar amount of energy in about 10 minutes.

Walking: (15 kcal ~ 37Kcal)
Washing and Shopping (18Kcal ~ 37Kcal)
Toothpaste (21kcal ~ 36kcal)
Standing in the Train (16Kcal~ 34Kcal)
Bike riding (12Kcal ~ 25Kcal)
Playing the Guitar (17kcal ~ 37kcal)

Just watching a horror movie burns a surprising number of calories.

source: Relax-diet.Com

* Because there are individual differences in Calories, please refer to it as a reference.