Watch Penguins Travel Through a “Penguin-Sized Tunnel” in the Wilds of New Zealand!!!


Here are some images of a colony of penguins located on the South Island of New Zealand and a unique tunnel has just been completed that allows the penguins to walk underneath a busy road in their daily journeys to find food to feed his wife and child! This penguin-sized tunnel provides safety from traffic and news of these adorable birds activities has become a big topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere!

The location is Oamaru on the South Island of New Zealand. The world’s smallest penguins have an annual nesting area that is located near the town of Oamaru on the South Island of New Zealand. This penguin species are known as “faerie penguins” and they average only 30 centimeters in height while while weighing just 1 kilogram! These precocious penguins make their nest on land to raise their children but have had to cross a busy highway in their daily search for food and a growing number of them have been killed in recent years!

An environment where a penguin and a car can move freely!

Crossing the road involves danger for penguins and cars as well. Therefore, in order to prepare an environment where people, penguins and cars can move freely, researchers who are familiar with the ecology of the penguin of the same place devised a special tunnel.

The city and the tourism bureau cooperated on a project together to build a special “penguin-sized” tunnel under the highway which was completed in September, 2016.

Here is a penguin trying to enter the tunnel.


Eventually, another bird enters and the pair of them stroll through the tunnel together!



Please take a look and watch the extended video below.


It is highly addictive, once you know it’s safe to use it.

During the mating and hatching season for these penguins, it has been estimated that on most days an average number of 20 penguins are using the “penguin tunnel”. This species are very habitual and have a tendency to use the same route again and again once they realize it is safe!

What did you think?

Many people in New Zealand have commented that this tunnel project is a benchmark example of how the tourism industry can benefit while protecting the species from harm! It is such a wonderful idea for human beings and animals to coexist in the world today!

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