See How Easy It is to Remove Gum From Your Shoes or Clothes in this Interesting Life Hack!!!


How you ever experienced getting chewing gun on your shoes or clothes? It is a real annoying situation and it is very touch to remove!

At last! Here is an easy step by step method that removes gum from shoes and clothes quickly and conveniently in this helpful “life hack” video. Please take a look.

First, you need the following

· Ice
· A plastic bag
· Tissue
· Salad oil

The key things are the ice and the plastic bag. The tissue is needed to cover the gum and throw away.


1. Place the ice in the plastic bag. Cool the gum with ice as shown in the photo.


As the gum becomes chilled, it will start becoming solidified. When it is solid, it is ready to remove.

2. Firmly peel off the gum from the shoe as shown below.

a7yfzbSee how easy it is to remove it!

The exact same method can be used if some chewing gun has gotten stuck on your clothes!


1. Cool the gum in the same way.


2. When it becomes solid, firmly peel the gum off the clothing!

a7yfzb (1)

However, some gum residue may remain in the clothing fibers as shown in the photo below.


If this happens, add some salad oil to the problem area.


By doing this, the gum residue will melt and then easily removed!


This easy and convenient method should help when you encounter sticky chewing gum on your shoes and clothes in the future.

See Video Here

source: YouTube