See This Cool DIY Life-Hack of a Coin to Improve the Effectiveness of a Spanner Wrench!!!

source: YouTube

Here are some cool video images of a clever DIY life-hack that is receiving a lot of attention from online viewers from all around the world! This simple fix to improve the effectiveness of a spanner wrench when trying tighten a bolt is shown below.

Here is a video image of a person trying to tighten a bolt.

source: YouTube

However, the size of this particular spanner wrench does not fit the bolt! What can we do to solve this problem?
source: YouTube

In such a case you can solve it by using small change and just filling in the gap of the place where the size is over!

source: YouTube

source: YouTube

A simple but effective solution is then revealed in the video.

source: YouTube

A coin is placed on one side of the spanner wrench and this slight adjustment allows the person to tighten the bolt as in the video image below.

Wow! This life-hack is so simple yet so effective!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: youtube