See an Inspiring Underwater Rescue Drama between a Diver and Dolphin!!!

fd003356Dolphina are known to be very intelligent animals and there have been many instances where dolphins have interacted in a friendly manner towards humans. Here is a dramatic rescue of a dolphin in distress who sought out the help of a diver off the coast of Hawaii.

A Dolphin Approaches a Diver in the Depths of the Ocean.

It begins with a dolphin who approaches a diver who had been taking photos of manta rays at night off the coast of Hawaii.

As the dolphins swims around the diver, you will notice that the dolphin had become have entangled with some fishing that had wrapped around one of its chest fins (on the right). It seems that the dolphin was seeking the help of the diver to remove the fishing line.

The dolphin waits patiently as the diver removes the fishing line.

Then, the dolphin quietly swims away after the diver has removed the fishing line.

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This incident is quite a remarkable event as it appears to show just how intelligent dolphins are in that this particular mammal sought out the help of a human in the middle of the ocean and then patiently waited for the diver to remove the fishing line.

Dolphins are amazingly sensitive and curious animals who appear to have a real affinity towards humans in the ocean.

source: YouTube