4 Back Stretching Exercises to Help Relieve “Sciatica” Back Pain!!!

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Many middle-aged and elderly people suffer from back pain caused by complications with the sciatica nerve. Tightness, sharp pain, cold or burning sensations in the buttocks, thighs, shins, calves and feet are common symptoms associated with the sciatic back pain. Severe cases can lead to a person being unable to walk due to the paralysis and pain.

We will introduce the four stretch method which helps to relieve the pain.

1. The Piriformis Stretch

This is a stretch to extend the pear-shaped muscle on the outside of the hips. Lie on your back and place both feet by bending the knees on the floor flat. Then, place the left ankle on the the other leg on top of the knee and pull the left thigh to the chest and hold for 30 seconds. Perform the same exercise with the other leg.

2. The Seated Hip Stretch

Sit on the floor with both legs straight out in front of you. Cross your right leg over the left leg and bend the right left at the knee. Pull your right leg up to your chest and hold for for 30 to 60 seconds using the left arm. Perform the same exercise with the other leg.

3. The Pigeon Pose

Start out by bending the right knee forward with the left leg is extended straight back behind you. Then, point your right knee to the right and place flat on the floor with your arms and fingers extend to maintain balance. Stretch your spine and hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds. Perform the same exercise with the other leg.

4. Self-Trigger Point Therapy

Using a tennis ball, sit on the ball with one of your buttocks. Find a painful place in the buttocks muscle and press and hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Perform the same exercise on a different painful area of the buttocks.

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One or all of the four stretching exercises on a daily basis in only 5 to 10 minutes. By the practicing once or twice a day, it is possible to alleviate sciatica pain. Please try it and reduce your back pain!

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