Watch African Animals Appear to be Drunk After Eating Fermented “Marura” Fruit!!!

The “Marura” is a fruit that grows in Africa that produces alcohol from natural fermentation and then falls to the ground. This fruit is surprizingly popular with many animals who appear to affected by the natural alcohol after eating it.

Here is a video that highlights the apparently drunken behavior of many animals after consuming the “Marura” fruit. Are these different animals actually drunk? Let’s take a look at this funny and entertaining activities of these animals.

Here is a group of elephants eating “Marura” fruit and they seem to know about the pleasurable qualities of natural fermentation!
fd300017 (1) r“Marura” fruit growing on the tree.
fd300022r (1)Fallen and fermented fruit lying on the ground.
fd300032r (1) r

Animals will gather when fermentation! Meerkats drunk, I have drowned in Marura! Kirin also plover feet. . . Ostrich also dizzy! “Gnu to hold on to avoid falling unsteadily through! Somehow!” Elephant while so now, we are trying the following Marura in the nose. Lol

Here is a group of baboons along with a group of warthogs enjoying the fallen fruit.
fd300033r (1)

Here is a meerkat relaxing amidst the fallen fruit.

fd300034r (1)

A giraffe strolls amongst the “Marura” trees.

fd300035r (1)

An ostrich after eating some fermented fruit.

fd300040r (1)

A wildebeest stumbling around after eating the fruit.

fd300041r (1)

An elephant displaying some drunken behavior?

fd300044r (1)

The behavior of an African monkey who appears to feeling some effects after eating the fermented fruit.
fd300043r (1)

fd300045r (1)

fd300046r (1)

fd300047r (1)

The next day, this monkey appears to have a hangover.
fd300048r (1)

Did this monkey eat too much fermented fruit?
fd300049r (1)


Many animals seems to really enjoy eating this fermented fruit so please enjoy the video.

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source: YouTube
source: Dailymail