The “Hemolink” is an Innovative Device that Could Transform Blood Tests into a Painless Process that Could Save Lives!!!


Many young children dislike blood tests or blood donations at school or at the clinic.

This problem could be resolved soon since a USA company called Tasso has created a pain-free blood sampling device that could revolutionize the way people of all ages give blood.

The name of the product is called the “HemoLink” and is shown in the photo below.


The “HemoLink” removes blood from the capillaries of the skin and it doesn’t pierce the body like other blood tests therefore eliminating the painful prick of the needle!

This photo shows how the capillary phenomenon works in the extraction of blood from the skin.


This capillary action absorbs the blood in a way that is similar to the cloth absorbs moisture from the glasses above.

Blood collection using the “Hemolink” would allow greater convenience and allow people to collect blood for testing a more convenient and easier activity than at the present time. Easier collection could improve the detection rate of serious illnesses and therefore save lives.

The “HemoLink” looks set to be released for sale to the public soon so please keep on an eye on its product development and eventual release.

source: nexidea