Watch the Painful Facial Expressions of a “Shiba Inu” Receiving a Needle from the Doctor!!!

source: Twitter

Here is an adorable “Shiba Inu” dog named “Hana” who has an adorable smile and facial expression that dramatically changes when the cute canine receives an injection at the animal clinic!

▼ Here is an image of Hana’s face when the pooch is receiving the injection from the doctor!

source: Twitter
source: Twitter

What a strong grimace and look of unhappiness from the dog!

▼ Here is “Hana” after the injection.


source: Twitter

“Hana” has a runny nose after the injection but her cute face is back!

What did you think?

It appears that dogs have a similar feeling of unhappiness when receiving injections from the doctor!

source: Twitter

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