The Escape and Capture of a Snow Leopard from a Zoo in Tokyo is Simulated in this Exciting Video!!!


At the Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo on February 10th, a training simulation took place based on a scenario that an animal has somehow escaped from his enclosure. This particular training involved the escape and capture of the rare “snow leopard” involved zoological staff, emergency and police.

The snow leopard attempts to escape and is ultimately captured by zoo and emergency staff in a net. One of the staff members appears to be injured in the capture as shown in the photo below.


One of the emergency staff was treated at the scene after the snow leopard attack as part of the training simulation.

Staff inside the van prepare to use a tranquilizer gun on the escaping snow leopard.

The snow leopard costume used in the training simulation is adorable.

One of the zoo staff was dressed in a snow leopard costume for the training simulation. Later, he was interviewed by a TV station while still in his costume.

Here is a young boy who witnessed the training simulation commented that “he was not scared at all!”

Here is an actual real snow leopard at the zoo.

This type of training of zoo staff, emergency workers and the police takes place all the time for various potential situations such as the escape of wild animals at the zoo. Everyone involved in these situations work very hard and should be commended.

The “fake” snow leopard used in the above simulation was actually quite cute.


See Video Here

source: YouTube