See Caged Beagles Set Free for the First Time After Escaping from Animal Experiments!!!


Here is a Beagle who was born in captivity and has spent his entire life in a cage as he is part of animal testing for cosmetics. This cute dog has never experienced life outside of his cage.

These dogs all have an engraved ID registration number on the inside of one of their ears.

The animal protection organization called “Animal Rescue Media Education” helped to facilitate the rescue of these dogs and allowed these unfortunate animals to experience the smell of grass, seeing the sky and walking around in freedom for the first time outside.
Here is the beagle looking out anxiously as the door of his cage is opened.

Finally, the dog gingerly steps outside for the very first time.fd300016r

Other dogs are also let out of their cages.


These rescued dogs are eventually given to foster parents and a happy future and normal life.

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The use of animal experiments for cosmetics, soaps, shampoo and other consumer products are very controversial in today’s society. Is the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals such as these beagles born and bred in cages necessary?

source: YouTube
source: Beaglefreedomproject