A Cute “Corgi” Sleeping Comfortably Takes a Long Time to Wake Up!!!


A cute “Corgi” is sleeping comfortably and looks completely at peace.

However, it wakes up after this child 30 seconds. I reaction is do cute at the time of the awakening!

The Corgi opens his eyes.


And, his eyes widen as he become more awake.


He starts to look around restlessly.


And, he appears a little bit confused as he becomes fully awake.


It took around 28 seconds to completely wake up after such a deep slumber.


See Video Here

Many animals and humans take time to wake up after a deep sleep. The cute dog’s reaction is very similar to a child who falls asleep unintentionally somewhere. There is some initial surprize and some confusion as animals and people slowly regain consciousness!

What do you think?

source: YouTube

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