A Revolutionary Business Suit is Designed For Either Work at the Office or Play at the Beach!!!


Summer is the season of “Cool Biz” (cool business) fashion for professionals and this year the Australian surfing wear clothing brand “QUIKSILVER (Quick Silver)” has released a ridiculous suit that can be used for either work or play. The world’s first amphibious suit is called “TRUE WETSUITS” (true wet suit).

Here is a business professional going to work.


However, he parks his car and it is front of the beach and the surf.

The business professional gets his surfboard from his car but he is still in his business attire.

The man is now surfing the waves but is still dressed in his business suit. It is a cool and unusual combination.

A surfer riding a surfboard in a business suit is a surreal image.

“TRUE WETSUITS” (true wetsuit) is made of neoprene which is 2mm thick so it that can withstand cold ocean temperatures while surfing and yet become completely dry by the time you arrive at the office. This clothing is truly functional for either work or play without changing clothes.

See Video Here

source: YouTube