A T-shirt Vending Machine and Educational Video Highlights the Abuse of Workers in Developing Countries!!!


In Berlin Germany, a discount t-shirt vending machine contains a video message about the horrors of low cost manufacturing in developing countries and the plight of workers there.

The price is only 2 euros but the shocking video reveal a darker reality of how this clothing is actually made!

Here is the t-shirt vending machine at a super low price of only two euros.

This low price is attractive to a lot of shoppers who stop and glance at the video screen.

The video details about the how the t-shirts are manufactured in a developing country and the hardships endured by the workers. 

It highlights the brutal reality that millions of workers are forced to work 16 hours per day at an hourly wage of only 13 cents an hour. It is an abusive and horrible situation.



This video flashes a final message of “Do you still wan to buy this t-shirt for 2 euros?”

People who were originally interested in buying the low cost t-shirts are now reconsidering their stance after seeing the video.


Some people actually shed tears after seeing the terrible plight experienced by the manufacturing workers overseas.

People are now given a choice of either buying the cheap t-shirt or donating 2 euros to aid the overseas workers.

In recent years, the principle of “fair trade” has been growing in popularity as a way to improve the conditions of workers in developing countries with a way of selling goods produced in low-cost conditions at a “fair price” that directly benefits poorly compensated workers in those countries.

Consumers in developed countries are now reconsidering their attitudes on low priced manufactured goods from developing countries and the poor labor conditions that exist for workers there.

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source: YouTube