A Super Cool Hand Gesture by a Baby Used By Rock Music Fans in this Adorable Photo!!!

Here is an adorable photo of a tiny baby drinking drink and giving a gesture normally used by fans who are attending a rock music concert that was posted on Twitter. Here is the link from @hazuki_nao ‘s cute baby pictures that became a popular topic of discussion for many online viewers.

Here is my daughter being cool and drinking milk.  

This gesture is used by a lot of people who listen to heavy metal rock music. It is also known as the “devil sign” and was common superstition in ancient Greece that using this gesture was a sign of bad luck and the evil eye.

Now, this gesture is popular with heavy metal rock music.

Here is the famous heavy metal band called “Metallica” using this gesture.

fd150428q001source: fc2.com

Here is the hand gesture used by fans at a rock concert.

fd150428q002source: wikipedia.org

Is this a photo of former president, George W. Bush also known as “W” using the same gesture?

fd150428q004source: wikipedia.org

Of course, the baby would have no idea of what this gesture means but it looks super cute nonetheless!

source: Twitter