See a Thought-Provoking TV Commercial from Thailand about Preventing Children from Smoking Cigarettes!!!


Here is a TV commercial from Thailand with some shocking content! 

A child approaches two teenage girls who are smoking cigarettes.

The teenage girls ask the young girl if she would like to smoke a cigarette with them.


The child mentions to the teenagers that smoking and tobacco is bad to the body.


This young boy asks this adult man, “why are you smoking?”


Everyone mass moment is to truly this question.

Then, the young girl hands a letter to a man who is smoking a cigarette.


The letter contains this simple but impactful message.

“If you told me to worry about about the dangers of tobacco and smoking cigarettes. Please consider the dangers of smoking cigarettes on your own health, I am worried about you.

See Video Here

This adult is stunned to read the letter.


This TV commercial highlights the risks of smoking cigarettes for both young children and adults. It should make many people consider this situation seriously.

In fact, a telephone consultation service advocating a non-smoking lifestyle saw an increase of activity of almost 40 percent after this thought-provoking TV commercial was broadcast.

source: YouTube