A Muscular Kangaroo Shows His Power When His Favorite Toy was Taken Away!!!


Take a look at this muscular kangaroo! His name is Roger and he is holding his favorite stuffed bunny rabbit. What a strange and adorable photo.

Here is a photo of Roger the Kangaroo and his keeper named Barnes.


One day, Barnes took Roger’s stuffed bunny rabbit away to get repaired and Roger reacted violently! He was very upset that his favorite toy was taken away from him! An angry kangaroo this size is quite scary.

Roger is truly a big and muscular animal as shown here in the photo below.

Roger was rescued by Barnes as his mother was killed in a traffic accident when Roger was a baby. Barnes has taken care of Roger ever since and gave Roger the stuffed toy as a companion.

It is easy to understand Roger’s emotional reaction when his favorite stuffed animal was suddenly taken away from him.

source: dailymail
source: itai.ldblog.jp/