Interesting images that are there representing the difference of single men and married men!

11238731_875084735884864_7289420443146735914_nThese images that were posted on Facebook representing the “Differences between single men and married men” has become a hot topic of discussion and debate online.

There are clear differences between single men and married men and these differences are represented by these clear and accurate images below.

▼ Single men can watch any TV program they want and can enjoy any sitting position while watching while married men often have to watch TV programs with their wives which they do not enjoy watching.

▼Single men present gifts to their dates while married men often forget to give presents to their spouses.
▼Single men often go train in the gym while married men undergo training at the supermarket.
▼Single men often play sports with their friends in their free time while married men play games with their children.
▼Single men can enjoy late nights on weekends dancing at a nightclub while married men enjoy different weekend activities such as going to the aquarium with their families.
▼Married to somehow protect the things that are thrown from Single-wife to hit back the ball.
▼Single men can sleep anywhere on a bed while married men often share their beds with the wives and kids.
▼Single men can enjoy having a meal in a restaurant while married men would be preparing the meal for his family.

Married men will clearly understand these differences and may consider them to be quite funny!

Perhaps, the above design could be transformed into stickers!

source: facebook