A Young Boy Learns the Meaning of Life When His Favorite Pet Goldfish Passes Away!!!


Here is a young boy coming to grips with the meaning of life after his favorite pet goldfish passed away and is laid to rest in a brief but touching ceremony over a toilet bowl at his home. This heartfelt situation has generated a lot of discussion online with many viewers worldwide.

The young boy’s goldfish was named “Top” and the boy gently strokes and then kisses his special friend farewell. It is clear from the boy’s face that he truly cherished his favorite pet.


Following the advice of his mother, the boy then places the deceased fish into the toilet bowl and then flushes the toilet.

Here is the young boy looking down into the toilet as he watches his pet disappear. After that, he looks up to his mother and starts to cry openly with one of the saddest faces you will ever see. His favorite fish is gone to heaven.

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I think that the young boy learned the importance of the meaning of life and death through the farewell ceremony of “Top” the goldfish.

source: YouTube