A Soap Bubble Artist Family Creates Bewitching Bubble Beauty Magic on Stage!!!


Do you know the man in this photo?

He is the most famous soap bubble artist in the world. His name is Fan Yang.

However, he is not the only talented member in his family. His wife, Ana Yang is also a top-notch soap bubble artist. Here she is performing on stage creating a fantastically beautiful bubble for the audience.

fd300003rHis brother named “Jano-yan” is also a talented soap bubble creator!
artist_janorIn addition, their son is the poster child of this soap bubble family. He is “Tick-yan” and he is shown here creating an audacious soap bubble creator!
artist_denirLastly, “Melody Yang” is the daughter of the soap bubble making family dynasty seen performing her bubble making magic!

So, there are 5 members of this bubble artist family!

The family performs a show called the “Gazillion Bubble Show”. Please take a look at a number of brilliant bubble making techniques!

14282353684MQVuZIoJWRQBXC1428235365Here is Melody creating a rainbow colored soap bubble!

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Here is Jano-yan’s soap bubble glasses!

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Ana Yang amazing bubble creations on stage.

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This family is a magnificently talented group of soap bubble artists!

source: YouTube