These Amazing “Night Vision Eye Drops” Allows People to See in Total Darkness!!!


It is said that cats have extremely good night vision but humans do not at this time. Well, that is about to change with the ongoing development of these unique eye drops which would allow people to see clearly at night.

The U.S. scientific research organization called “Science for Masses” is currently developing these special eye drops and recently conducted an experiment in their laboratory and announced their results to the public.


The eye drops used in the experiment contained a saline solution along with a chemical substance used called “Chlorin e6” or  (“Ce6”). Human test subjected who were given the eye drops were able to recognize symbols in the dark with a high probability of accuracy at a distance of 10 meters as well as recognize a destination marker at a distance of50 meters at almost 100% of time (compared to approximately 30% without the eye drops).

In addition, test subjects reported that their improved night vision could detect subtle colors rather than the black and white dynamic without the eye drops.


Here is a photo of one of the test subjects (who is also a member of the research organization) who has been given the eye drops. The eyes are blackened with a special contact lens to protect the eye from bright light conditions during the experiment.

These eye drops are still under development and it still could be quite a while until they could be sold to the public but I look forward to trying these amazing innovation out and using them to truly see like a cat!