A Love Letter Written by a Man’s Wife 72 Years Ago was Found in Their Family Home!!!

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Here is an amazing story of a love letter written by a man’s wife to her husband nearly 72 years ago that was miraculously found in the ceiling of the house during an extensive renovation that quickly became a big topic of discussion among online viewers from all over the world after it was posted on the Internet!

This love letter was discovered in a private home in the town of Westfield, New Jersey in the United States.

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The letter was located in a small cubby hole behind one of the ceiling panels shown in the image by a woman who had been living in the house nearly 72 years before and was discovered when the house was being renovated. It seems that this woman had written a letter to her husband who was serving in the Norwegian Air Force.

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On the letter, there is a date of May 4, 1945 when the woman named Virginia wrote a letter to her husband who was stationed overseas during World War II and later returned safely to the United States.

Searching for the woman’s husband.

The woman who found a letter says she found a person named Rolf Christoffersen on the Internet and contacted him and discovered that the man’s 96-year-old father was still alive and living in California!

His wife Virginia was deceased.

However, Virginia had passed away about six years ago so Mr. Christoffersen’s son told his father about the existence of the letter.

A 72-year-old love letter.

I love you. I love the warm sun. You are the sun in my life. Everything goes around you.

In addition to the above words, it also talks about their unborn baby son and the hope that they would be soon reunited. It is a beautiful expression of love and romance from a bygone era!

It is wonderful that this letter somehow survived and reached the man after 72 years!

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