See the Amazing Story of a Heroic Rescue of a Dying Bear by a Young Boy in the Forest!!!

source: facebook
A photographer named Karei Hancock recently posted some harrowing images on Facebook that became a big topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere recently when he discovered a dying bear cub in the forest and dramatically rescued the animal in a heroic ordeal!

Discovering an unconscious bear cub while hiking!

At the end of March this year, photographer “Karei Hancock” was hiking in the forests of the state of Oregon when she encountered a bear cub lying unconscious on an isolated hiking trail!
source: facebook
The baby bear cub was in a terrible state and looked to be dead with its open mouth and eyes! Even the skin had a blue coloration that indicated some serious state of condition! At first glance, the photographer believed that the infant bear had perished. However, Hancock decided to quickly take a photograph and move away as there was an imminent threat of the mother bear nearby and would be in a highly agitated and aggressive state!

Suddenly, Hancock detected some slight movement from the unconscious bear! “What should I do?”

I have to do something!

Hancock decided to help and picked up the baby bear cub and started to carry it back to his car at a fast walking pace! It was a considerable distance and Hancock was exhausted and unsure of what to do next as he did not have any experience dealing with animals!

So, he decided to go on Facebook and seek advice from there!

▼ Here is the original Facebook post.

Some Facebook user provided information and directions to a medical facility located nearby as well as a wildlife protection facility that cares for wild animals!

Before reaching the facility, the baby bear’s breathing stopped several times and the photographer tried artificial respiration to help revive the bear cub’s breathing!

A dramatic rescue and safety!

He managed to arrive at the facility safely and the bear was diagnosed as being extremely dehydrated and in the advanced stages of starvation. Without this rescue, this young bear would have certainly perished!
source: facebook
source: facebook
Various comments were posted on Facebook about Mr. Hancock’s heroic efforts, both commending and criticizing his rescue of the injured bear cub. Ultimately, the photographer was hailed for his courageous efforts by thousands of Facebook users and online viewers all over the world!

There was a possibility that Mr. Hancock would be charged under a wildlife protection law that would have led 1 year imprisonment as well as a monetary fine of USD $6,000 dollars! Fortunately, Mr. Hancock wasn’t charged with any crime.

▼ The young bear is currently recovering in an animal protective facility and there are plans to return the animal to the wild in the near future.

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Mr. Hancock should be commended for his courageous efforts in saving the life of this young bear cub and his ingenious use of the social media network of Facebook!

source: facebook / boredpanda

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