An Engaged Couple Sheds Tears of Love After Makeup Transforms Them into Senior Citizens!!!

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A young couple who are about to be married had a heartwarming experience that made them appreciate their future life together in a surprizing way. What would happen they were transformed into an elderly married couple through the magic of makeup? The resulting experience and video became an unexpected hit online with viewers from all over the world.

Here are David and Christie, a engaged couple in their twenties who plan to be married next month.

With the magic of makeup artists, they are transformed into an older version of themselves at 50, 70 and 90 years old.

First, they are transformed into a 50-year-old married couple.

They are unable to hide their surprize as they look at a reflection of themselves in a mirror.

They are both charmed by their image as 50-year-olds and comment that they look like their parents do now and that their children would be teenagers if they were truly 50 years old.

Next, they are transformed into a 70-year-old couple.

Again, they are surprized at their appearence when they see how the makeup has changed them into 70-year-olds.

As they make eye contact, they realize that they would probably have adult children and grandchildren by this time in their lives. They are both impacted by this realization.

“When we imagine how quickly the time has passed from 50 to 70, it was very emotional for us. Christie begins to shed tears as she speaks to her partner.

Finally, the transformation into a 90-year-old couple.

They stare at each other for a long time without speaking. They hold hands and both start to weep deeply with sadness and joy.

They both feel the power of love for each other and the magic of makeup has made them realize just how they appreciate each other. It is a truly touching and heartwarming moment.


This experience had reinforced their feelings for each other before they take their vows of marriage. They promise eternal love to each other.

I hope they have a long and happy life together as a married couple.

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source: YouTube