Watch a 9-Month Baby Boy Enjoy Riding a Body Board for the First Time in His Life!!!

This article was provided by the source:  WAVAL Baby on a Waveboard Surfing with Dad Creates a Big Media Buzz!

Here is a 9-month old baby boy riding a body board along with his father and his older sister! His facial expression of pure joy and happiness is clearly evident to see and it really looks like he is having the time of his young life! Although this activity looks extremely dangerous to expose such a young child to a dangerous water activity, the child is firmly attached to the body board and his Dad is inches away from him should something unexpected occur.

Please watch the following video for the entire experience and watch the infant’s face slowly transformed from fear and uncertainty to one of excitement and fun. ♪

*Please refrain from this activity unless you are experienced or have supervision.

See Video Here

source: BodyBoarding 101 from Jorge Tirado on Vimeo.