A 1 year old child trapped in a car … Rescue team rushed to the desperate rescue, the principal was a niccoly ♪

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There are things that are fun when raising children, but you may encounter scenes that are tried. This news is a story that a young child was trapped in a car. I also had the experience that my daughter was trapped in the house, and when I heard this news, I felt it was unlikely to be a stranger.

Will be locked inadvertently …
Mom’s Kirstie Green put the things she bought at the supermarket in the car’s trunk. In the car, 14 months of Brandon Emery are on board. Then Brandon suddenly closed the door of the car and locked it.

The key is in the car. Brandon was locked in the car. Mom got a little panic, but several shoppers came to help. And one of them contacted the rescue team.

Niccoly during rescue.

When the rescue team arrived and was working to open doors with tools, Brandon grabbed the car handle and was smiling. When the rescue team tried to entertain Brandon you, Brandon also tried to make the rescue team laugh and there was a smart air.

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At that time, Brandon took a 2 pence coin and put it in his mouth. The rescue team decided to break the windowpane of the driver’s seat and enter the car.

Mommy says, “At that time it began to panic, what would I do if I suffocated.” At the discretion of the rescue team, I broke the windowpane of the car and opened the door of the car! Brandon returned safely to the mother. Mommy calls the rescue team “wonderful”, “community pride”.

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As expected, the immediate judgment of the rescue team is amazing. When something goes wrong, I thought it was important to resolve with the help of people around me. My daughter was trapped in the house when I was small, and I became indebted to a firefighter. At that time, it was not my own idea to contact the fire department, but the local people taught me.

Also, because there was a small child, the firefighter responded, but I think that it was normal to ask the locker. From now on, when someone is in trouble, I wanted to let myself reach out.

source: 写真AC / facebook/ facebook

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