Here is the Inspiring Story of a Courageous Canine Who Able to Run With Only 2 Legs!!!



Here is a boxer puppy named “Duncan” who was born with defective hind legs yet his courage to thrive as a normal dog can seen in his first attempt to run on the beach with his owners. Please take a look and enjoy this comical yet heartfelt video of this courageous animal!

“Duncan” looks to be very excited to visit the beach for the very first time in his life.


Soon he is running around just like a dog with 4 legs!


“Duncan” looks extremely happy to be running free on the beach for the first time!


He does a “handstand” of celebration!


He seems to be smiling and laughing after this first experience of running on the beach.


See Video Here

This is such an inspiring story of a dog who simply refuses to give up and seems to be so determined to live a normal life despite his condition. People could really learn from the courage and conviction of this wonderful animal!

source: Panda Paws Rescue