Watch and Enjoy the Hilarious Wrestling Match Which Lasts Only Seconds!!!


Here is an amateur wrestling match in the United States between two teenage boys. The match is about to start and the referee signals the wrestlers to begin. What happens next is quite hilarious and the referee is very surprised and doesn’t really know what to do! Please watch and enjoy this short but entertaining fight!

The two wrestlers shake hands and they are about to start wrestling!


One of the wrestlers violently pushes the other in the chest with both hands!? Is that a wrestling move?

The stunned opponent is lying on the mat and as the first wrestler touches the chest of his opponent, the match is suddenly over! What just happened?

The referee looks surprized and begins to explain to the teenage wrestler that that type of attack is not allowed in an amateur wrestling match!


Please take a look by all means because it is a such a match and a short video!

See Video Here

It is admirable to see these two young people who have so much courage to challenge each other in such a difficult sport but the surprizing attacking technique really stunned the fallen wrestler! I hope that he is ok and not seriously hurt.

source: YouTube