Here are 16 Epoch-Making Inventions Which Didn’t Become Groundbreaking Successes!!!


Inventions in modern society have dramatically transformed the world which we live in. In many cases, these creations have made people’s lives more convenient and easier in many ways.

However, not every invention turned out to be a groundbreaking success and here are 16 epoch-making creations which somehow never became that next great device that would change the world! 

1. Electromagnetic Maps for Cars.


It is a primitive version of a car navigation system from decades ago which never quite caught on at the time!

2. A Folding Bridge.


This a portable bridge which could be folded out to cross any small stream or river in the country. It never became a hit product!

3. An Early Version of a Hair Dryer.


This device was effective but lacked convenience and portability and never became wildly popular.

4. A Toddler Training Device for Walking.


This device looks painful and ineffective.

5. A Family Bicycle.


This look extremely dangerous to ride!

6. A Ticker Tape Newspaper.


An early version of the fax machine which is quite inconvenient to read as shown in the above photo.

7. A Hat Equipped with a Radio.


Although, it appears to be a convenient device, it is cumbersome to wear and perhaps the radio reception was poor most of the time.

8. A Stretch Camper.


This long size would fit any family but would be very difficult to transport by car!

9. A Gun Equipped with a Camera.


When this person says “Smile”, you should follow his request absolutely! A dangerous and impractical device.

10. An Amphibious Bicycle.


An innovative idea which doesn’t appear to be that effective in reality.

11. A Cigarette Holder with an Umbrella.


A cute device which looks a little complicated to use!

12. A Double Cigarette Holder.


Smoking 2 cigarettes at the same time was never a popular pastime for smokers!

13. A One Wheel Motorcycle.


This design looks very similar to some recent inventions and have been seen in some “Hollywood” movies.

14. A Multi-Wheel Car.


An early version of an all terrain vehicle which never became popular at the time of invention.

15. A Life Preserver Made from Bicycle Tires.


A homemade life vest which may not keep a person afloat.

16. A Piano Which Can Be Played in Bed.


This is an interesting creation which looks quite comfortable!

These inventions were creative marvels which failed to capture the public’s imagination but they were remarkable inventions nonetheless!

source: viralnova