A Woman’s Comedic Behavior at a Gas Station was Watched Over 10 Million Times Online!!!


A video of female driver having trouble re-fueling her vehicle at a gas station received just over 10 million online views by people all over the world!

It is a mistake that many people make on a daily basis when they forget which side of their vehicle is the correct one to fill up with gasoline! This woman’s forgetful behavior struck a common cord with people everywhere who recognize her trouble as something they have done themselves at some point in the past!

Her misfortune is quite humorous to see!

▼At first, she drives up to the gas station and gets out of her car.


▼ When she realizes that she is in the incorrect position, she moves her vehicle to the other side of the gas pumps but the problem wasn’t solved!

▼ She then attempts to drive around the gasoline pumps but the problem still isn’t fixed!

See Video Here

I hope that she can find a solution and fill up her vehicle with gas!

source: YouTube

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