Watch a Delightful TV Commercial of Suzuki ‘s Latest Automobile Sensation on Video!!!

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Here is a delightful television commercial of the Suzuki Vitara that has becoming popular thanks to this video being posted on YouTube! The commercial features some scenes from age of dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, to an avalanche on a snow-covered mountain to a scene in outer space with the vehicle heading to the moon!

Many online viewers were very interested in this topic and it continues to grow in popularity!

“My Best Friend” is a Suzuki Vitara.

source: YouTube

This vehicle is equipped with high performance 235/75R15 off-road tires.


The Suzuki Vitara is a 1.6 liter injection engine which is shown here.

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This engine produces 96 horsepower and can be used to reach the destination of some of the most challenging terrains on Earth. It is not necesr.

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It is environmentally friendly.

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It also has the latest exhaust converter technology.

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It has manual transmission with a low gear that allows this vehicle to be as mobile as a cheetah?

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The Legend of the Suzuki Vitara with a very large dinosaur! What?

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The Discoverer..

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Driving in a desert road rally race is also possible for this vehicle

source: YouTube

Driving through the dangers of an avalanche is no problem for this Suzuki vehicle!

source: YouTube

“There is nothing I actually experienced …” followed by subtitles. I know.

source: YouTube

Here is the vehicle at the bottom of the sea!

source: YouTube

A launch from the sea and into outer space? Wow!

source: YouTube

A lunar landing with an expression traditional quality and durability.

source: YouTube

A reflection on an astronaut’s visor shows the vehicle taking off from the moon!

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Landing back on the earth and driving through an explosion and fire! What a vehicle!

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Please consider buying this vehicle from Suzuki!

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What did you think?

Without second-hand contractors and auctions, it seems that my car just sold with this movie. It is an era where you can also buy and sell in this way, making full use of personal skills! I can not tell the charm of this movie just by still images! The music is synergistic, it is enhancing the charm of Vitara more.

Please check out and watch the extended video below!

See Video Here

source: YouTube

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