A Deceptive Japan TV Commercial Transforms a Middle Age Man into a Sexy Beauty!!!

See Video Here

This television commercial from Japan features a home delivery sushi service with a clever and deceptive story. The surprizing transformation within the ad really captures the viewer’s attention!

▼ It starts with an encounter of young man and a beautiful sexy woman talking to each other.


▼ Suddenly they are attacked by a ferocious dog. It is a dark night and they are in peril.

▼ The woman surprisingly takes out her chest pads and throws them at the dog! This is getting strange!

▼ The woman then washes her face. Why is she doing that at a time like this!

▼What?? The woman was actually a middle aged man and his angry face quickly scares away the dog. The couple are saved.

▼ The scene ends with some comments on a dark screen about the the home delivery sushi service called the “Silver of Further Sushi”!

Here are two of the actors who performed in the commercial. The beautiful woman is Kate Aoki while the man is popular TV performer Makoto Kitami. The photos show Kitami’s transformation with make-up into a beautiful woman!

This deceptive and effective television commercial has “the power to impact the material”. I want to be in the commercial like this! ♪

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