Watch a Surreal Artistic Performance as a Man Appears as a Piece of Rotating Sushi!!!

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What exactly is this? Is this performance artist attempting to imitate a piece of sushi?
Is it salmon or tuna? Is there a reason for this bizarre activity?

This surreal artist is attempting to recreate the rotating effect of a revolving sushi shop in which the pieces of rice and fish continuously spin around the customers until it is selected and eaten!! This unusual performance has captured the attention of many online viewers from around the world at this time!

This is produced by the performance artist known as “Moodica” who is based in Sweden. It is a simple scene designed to capture the rotating movement of a piece of sushi!

It really does look quite strange!
source: YouTube

If you look carefully, the kanji character of “forever” is written on the rotating “sushi”. While, the word flesh is written on the forehead of the artist dressed up like a piece of fish! What do those words signify in this performance?
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Watching this performance for too long could make people feel dizzy!
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Sometimes a swimming tuna passes by and I guess that is supposed to represent the fish swimming free in nature and not as someone’s dinner!
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What did you think?

Could you understand the true meaning of this surreal artistic performance?

In addition to this, “Moodica” has posted several unusual images on various SNS networks so if you are interested please check it out below!


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